About us

The Wargamer company was established in 2003 as the Polish distributor of Mein Panzer and WarZone products. In 2005, we opened a shop in the center of Warsaw with card, board and miniature games as well as the associated accessories. Nowadays, in addition to the capital city, we have shops also available in Lublin and Kielce. Furthermore, we manage wholesale and mail orders.

In 2011, we published our own wargame system on the Polish market called “Ogniem i Mieczem” (“By Fire and Sword”). In 2013, an English version was released (receiving an Origins Award Nominee 2014) and two years later the first supplement – “The Deluge” – hit the market. The English versions of these titles have been funded by wargame enthusiasts worldwide during the KickStarter campaigns. Our publishing house also deals with game accessories and battle terrain production.

Each year, Wargamer organizes “By Fire and Sword” Polish Championships at the Wilanów Palace Museum.
Moreover, we regularly attend such wargaming events as:
Historicon, Fredericksburg (USA)
Salute, London (GB)
Crisis, Antwerp (BE)
Tactica, Hamburg (DE)
Pola Chwały, Niepołomice near Cracow (PL)
Grenadier, Warsaw (PL).

Wargamer is the Polish distributor of such titles as: Flames Of War, Infinity and WarZone.

Czesć zespołu na targach "Crisis", Antwerpia 2015
Czesć zespołu na targach "Crisis", Antwerpia 2015